Walwa Years

The Walwa Butter Factory.
During the war years it made powdered milk, and my father was then employed to change it from steam to electricity. It produced mostly butter for export and was a big employer in the town.
They stopped making powdered milk and the huge heated drums that dried the milk where dismantled. We used to pull of hot crisp strips of dried milk to eat. They'd make your tongue stick to your mouth. This Crossley diesel engine was a huge thing for a small boy, it alone influenced my love of early machinery. Power, precision, scary.
At the Factory, just outside our house. A visit by Cath and Johnny Syphers A family picnic with cousin's the Gunthers. Phillip and I with tomatoes, I hand coloured this for some reason.
Summers were focussed on the river, swimming and always a boat. Phillip and I with my grandfather, Herbert Harden Dad and his father messing about in boats
Jill, Phillip and boy scout Fred My mother with Sister Jill, myself on the Raleigh three wheeler with younger brother Phillip standing.

We rode our bikes to attend primary school in Jingellic, across the river in NSW. 
Phil, Jill and I outside the company house at the Butter Factory where we grew up, and from where Phillip and I went to Corryong High School, an hour away by bus.

The Butter Factory closed in 1963 and we moved to Corryong.
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