If you are inclined towards a country life, you're welcome to read along with this journal. It's about living in a country town, (that's in Bungendore, New South Wales in Australia). It's about working at home sometimes, not working at home sometimes and about living outside the cities of Sydney and Canberra. You'll find writing on town life, gardening, cooking, eating and drinking and preserving what we grow. I started this diary in January 2002, and in late 2005 started a food and travel magazine called Regional Food Australia ( of course there's a website www.regionalfood.com.au). All my writing energy was poured into that, and it had a regular blog. I found writing about the 'country' became 'writing about The Country' and a bit less intimate (it was still fun though).

While we work out what happens with the magazine ( we 'paused' after issue 3) I figured I'd like to get back to some of those diary type entries here. But, as you can never step twice into the same river, I've left it as a record of what a blog was like on a 28k modem.

Drag up a chair, haul on that mouse scroll and read a few paragraphs and see if you need....


Another country diary and Bungendore  Almanac
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