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Another Country Diary

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29  January '06 Part 2 - Bungendore Show
The old engines are a regular feature, put together by a local club. Lovingly restored engines putter and give those who stop, a sense of how farm life would have depended on these slow moving pistons.
I asked this boy if I could take his picture and he gave this  smile. He then asked me to help find his mum and dad who were 'lost' nearby.
Michael Biscotti had installed a glass display gelati freezer in a trailer, his mobile shop. He's distributing for a Sydney company Pure Gelato, a premium product. Even the Italian Embassy think so.
This girl certainly liked hers.
More country faces.
Serious stock discussions.
And these kids where serious about looking after their parent's winning coloured sheep. The were giving them names and couldn't decide on one. I offered the name Patch, for an appropriately marked one which went down well.
When it's hot, have a sleep in the shade.
If dogs look like their owners, can cows?
"Damn I won the dog when I really wanted a hat"
But is it art?
The livestock judging is a great place to watch tensions between competitors and judges.
This sequence tells it's own story.

Another great Show day. Thanks to everyone who helped and organised. I'll be back next year of course. And I'll get to the show girl crowning in time. I know you miss it.
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